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The Giannis Mantakas Choir of AUTh. is the main activity of the Music Department of the University Student Club of AUTh . It was founded in 1953 by Giannis Mantakas (1932-1998) for the purpose of cultivation of music among students and young people in general in our city. However, it surpassed the university context, developed a multi-level action and had a significant contribution to the musical life of Thessaloniki and all of Greece, and at the same time a stable presence abroad, thanks mainly to the strong personality and activity of its founder, whose name it bears today, an indication of honor in his memory. The director of the choir is Erifili Damianou.


The Choir has contributed over time to the evolution of choral music in Greece. He renewed his repertoire, organized seminars and publications of choral music works, and presented for the first time to the Greek public hundreds of choral works of all eras, mainly of the Renaissance, Baroque, but also of the modern era, Greek and foreign, which is still a constant pursuit for the choir.


Stin Elláda échei synergasteí me tin K.O.TH., tin K.O.A., tin E.R.T., tin Orchístra tou A.P.TH., tin Orchístra Domatíou Néon Thessaloníkis, tin Orchístra tou Dímou Kalamariás, kai me maéstrous ópos oi Károlos Trikolídis, Álkis Baltás, Mýron Michailídis, Dimítris Dimópoulos, Antónis Kontogeorgíou, Kostís Papázoglou, Ángelos Filíppou k. á. Échei symmetáschei sto Festivál Athinón kai sta Dimítria kai échei emfanisteí se pollés póleis tis Elládas. Échei diorganósei pollés Ellinikés kai Diethneís Synantíseis Chorodión kai Orchistrón sti Thessaloníki kai échei kánei pollés ichografíseis kai vinteoskopíseis me prográmmata chorodiakís mousikís gia to radiófono kai tin tileórasi. Εμφάνιση περισσότερων 660 / 5000 Αποτελέσματα μετάφρασης In Greece he has collaborated with KOTH, KOA, ERT, AUTh Orchestra, Thessaloniki Youth Chamber Orchestra, the Orchestra of the Municipality of Kalamaria , and with conductors such as Karolos Trikolidis, Alkis Baltas, Myron Michailidis, Dimitris Dimopoulos, Antonis Kontogeorgiou, Kostis Papazoglou, Angelos Filippou and others. He has participated in the Athens Festival and in Dimitria and has appeared in many cities in Greece. He has organized many Greek and International Meetings of Choirs and Orchestras in Thessaloniki and has made many recordings and videos with choral music programs for radio and television.

Since 1964 the Choir has been a regular member of the EUROPEAN CHORAL ASSOCIATION - EUROPA CANTAT . He regularly appears in international festivals and participates in choir workshops, where he collaborates with other European choirs and orchestras, studying and presenting major works of the international repertoire with conductors such as Lazlo Heltay, Pierre Cao, Andras Farcas, Erik van Nevel, Edmont Colomer, Johan , Tillai Aurél, Pierre Calmelet, et al.

Recent participations

2000: Νεβέρ (Γαλλία)
2001: Γάνδη (Βέλγιο)
2002: Λάφμπορο (Αγγλία)
2003: Βαρκελώνη (Ισπανία)
2005: Γάνδη (Βέλγιο)
2007: Νεβέρ (Γαλλία)
2008: Στσέτσιν/Στετίνο (Πολωνία)
2009: Ουτρέχτη (Ολλανδία)
2010: Πετς (Ουγγαρία)
2011: Μπριανσόν (Γαλλία)


Following an almost sixty-year uninterrupted course, with the support of the Rector's Office and the help of worthy collaborators, the Choir today offers a large number of members of the university community, but also of our city's musicians in general, the opportunity to cultivate their musical talent. to get in touch with important works of the choral repertoire and to develop strong and long-lasting bonds of friendship and cooperation through a creative collective effort.

The general planning of each year includes collaborations and concerts at the University, in Thessaloniki and in other Greek cities, with Greek and foreign repertoire.


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